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“5 Things to Consider Before Applying Vinyl Decals/ Wall Stickers”


Before you apply that vinyl decals and/or wall sticker there are a few things you will want to consider.

Here are 5 things you're going to want to consider: 

  1. Select Your Surface- What & Where?
  • Ideal Surfaces include, but are not limited to: glass, wood, drywall, plastic,  & metal.
  • Ideal locations: wall, window, floor, ceilings, plastic objects (ex. water bottles, etc.)
  • Inspect Surface- Texture & Cleanliness
  • Avoid the following surfaces: cracks, holes, highly textured, &dirty/ greasy
  • Ideal Surfaces: Smooth, Minimal, Texture, Clean (utilize soap & water or water & alcohol mixture to clean appropriate surfaces) 
  • Measure- Measure surface & decal/ sticker
  • Measure Desired surface (area of application) prior to purchase, to ensure decal will fit. 
  • Size up again before application, to ensure accurate fit
  • Use straight edge & a pencil to mark orientation (ends, top, bottom, & center)
  • Planning Orientation- Size it Up 
  • Position decal in desired position w/o removing backing layer (so the adhesive isn't exposed)
  • Use scotch tape, thumb tack, friend, etc. to hold decal in place
  • Use leveler to ensure decal is leveled & centered  
  • Step back & assess area, to ensure your positioning is to your liking
  • Ready Set... Apply - Congrats!!
  • You have completed the hardest part, your pre-work
  • Now you are ready to apply!

Happy Home Styling!! 

P.S. For a seamless application check out our blogs on how to apply your vinyl decal/ wall sticker 


-Your friends at From Home 2 Heart 


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