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“Vinyl Wall Decals VS. Wall Stickers. What Are They and What’s the Difference?”

What is the Difference between vinyl decals and wall stickers?

Good question! Sometimes these terms can be used loosely or interchangeably.

Have no fear, your friends From Home 2 Heart are here. We want to help you understand the difference in between the two and choose the option that best suites your needs.


Key Things to Remember:

  • All decals are stickers, but not all stickers are considered decals; point of difference lies in method of application, material, quality/ durability, and where to apply (indoor or outdoor).
  • Both vinyl decals and wall stickers are usually made from PVC or polyester.
  • Stickers stick to surfaces, whereas vinyl decals must be transferred to the desired surface.


Where is the best place to apply?

 Vinyl decals can be applied indoor and outdoor on the following surfaces: glass, plastic, stucco, drywall, smooth wood, etc.

Wall stickers can be applied indoor and on the following surfaces: glass, plastic, stucco, drywall, smooth wood, etc.


Difference in the Application Process

Vinyl Decals have 3 layers: backing layer(behind), vinyl, transfer layer (in front, not always included). Press firmly on backing paper to release vinyl, apply to surface, and firmly press on transfer paper to remove.

Wall Stickers have two layers: back layer and sticker. Remove back layer and apply to surface while smoothing.


Application time

Vinyl takes longer and can be a little more complex due to 3-layer application system.

Wall stickers are faster and simpler.  



Vinyl decals are exceptionally durable and will last years. They are not easily removed/o heat. Chipping can result from improper removal on painted surfaces.

Wall stickers are not as long lasting. They are better for someone looking to not be tied down. They are typically removeable, reusable, and repositionable.




Happy Home Styling!! 

P.S. Before purchasing and applying check out our blog “5 Things to Consider Before Applying Vinyl Decals/ Wall Stickers”


-Your friends at From Home 2 Heart 





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